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Eye Exams

  • Comprehensive eye exams for the whole family
  • Eyeglass prescriptions (Myopia (near-sighted), Hyperopia (far-sighted), Prespyopia (inability to read) 
  • Computer Glasses
  • Prism for diplopia (double vision) or Binocular Disorders)
  • Contact lens exams
  • Testing for Glaucoma and Cataracts
  • Dilations to check the health of the retina
  • Treatment of Anterior Eye Disease: ie,Conjunctivitis(pink eye), Styes, Dry Eyes, Ocular Allergies,Blepharitis

      Unhurried, personalized care

Contact Lenses

  • Disposable contact lenses (one-day, 2 week and monthly)
  • Toric Lenses for astigmatism
  • Presbyopic Lenses ( monovision, bifocal and multifocal)
  • Large inventory of trial contact lenses so most patients can leave on the initial visit with lenses in their eyes.

Contact lens materials and designs have improved tremendously over the years. If you were told in the past that you can't wear contact lenses or thought you weren't a good candidate because of a high prescription or astigmatism, that is no longer true. Comfortable lenses are available in every prescription. One day contact lenses, the healthiest lens on the market, is now available for high prescriptions, astigmatics and even those requiring bifocal or multifocallenses (vision correction for distance, reading and the computer).


  • Designer Frames (Prada, Silhouette, Vera Wang, Armani and more)
  • Budget friendly frames.
  • Sports Goggles
  • Children's Glasses 
  • Teen Glasses

We will take the time to ensure that the frame you choose is perfect for your face, prescription and your budget.  


  • Progressive Lenses ( We work with many different brands. We prefer Varilux for most of our patients
  • Hi-Index (thin, thinner and thinnest lenses available)
  • Anti-reflective Coatings (We use Crizal coating, the best in the market)
  • Transition Lenses Polarized Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lenses ( These are impact resistant and scratch resistant. They are required for all children's glasses and safety glasses)

All of our lenses are Scratch resistance at no additional charge.

We  will fill your current Doctor prescription as well.


  • Polarized sunglasses offer the best protection from the glare of the sun.
  • All of our lenses offer 100% UV (ultraviolet) protection

On Site Lab

  • We take all the measurements and cut the lenses in our store using computer generated technology.
  • We adjust and fix glasses.
  • If we can save your old, favorite pair of glasses, we will.


  • eyeglass chains
  • nose pads

Medical Eye Insurance Accepted

  • Medicare
  • United Health
  • Oxford
  • Flex Spending Accounts

Quality Care at Budget Friendly Prices