What to wear on graduation: useful recommendations

The prom is still enough time, ahead of the last call, graduation exams, there is still time to choose an outfit. You can buy a ready-made dress in the appropriate salons or sew an exclusive outfit. We will understand the main trends in the world of fashion graduation.

The emphasis this season is done both on the colors of delicate pastel tones, and on bright screaming. The most fashionable this season is pink and purple. Actually will acquire a dress of blue, green and yellow colors. The main thing is that the selected color emphasizes your personality and approached you.

The material for the evening dresses can be atlas, chiffon, silk, depending on the model guipure and lace can be added. One of the popular trends of this season will be a floral print, you can use flowers in the form of brooches, as well as buds and bouquets on the wrists, hairpins, wrapping and belts.

A magnificent dress remains a tradition, but the championship this year is standing at retro-style outresses, as well as in Greek style. Asymmetry is welcome in the models - the only strap or sleeve.

Retro - style is a tight dress with lush skirts to the middle of caviar, a dress in peas and a bow decorated on a belt.

Favorites will be dresses-cases and tulips dresses. Designers offer this year various cocktail dresses with an abundance of volanses, assemblies and grabs, with a small clutch and sandals you will look to look.

Trendy dress this year will be checkered, striped dresses, as well as in peas. Those who are not afraid of experiments can use fur, skin and feathers in their outfit.

High girls with a slender figure designers recommend a long dress into a chiffon or organza floor, it looks feminine and elegant. Low girls are suitable for dresses in ampir style, reminiscent of the Greek tunic with drapes and folds.

Do not forget to pick up beautiful and comfortable shoes for dress, which is important, since you will dance the whole evening, do not forget about the decorations and various additional accessories.

Everything should be harmonious in your image. This season is particularly popular with transparent socks, high openwork boots and ankle boots. Boots can be decorated with lace, lacing and weaving.

The graduation shoes can be an open toe and with suitius weaves, on a thin heel. Be sure to be a thin strap, underlining ankle. Best CRM for solopreneurs reviews in the blog.