Put together a CV without any problems

Why write a resume

To this day, many job applicants do not write a CV when looking for work.

But a CV is a business card, the most important marketing tool, whose main purpose is to persuade a potential employer to pay attention to you and invite you for an interview. Many people think it is hard to write a CV. In fact, it's easy!

  • The information in the resume must be accurate. An experienced recruiter will recognize any lie, not now, so when they meet. Therefore, try to present your experience in the most favorable light, without resorting to false information.
  • Try not to create cumbersome profiles.
  • The best option is 2 pages (and this is the maximum!).
  • Choose a font that is familiar to the eye. Most preferred: Times New Roman and Arial.
  • Be sure to check for spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Before submitting your resume, be sure to read it out loud to check how natural the text sounds. If something confuses - redo it!
  • Do not forget to leave your contacts while you are looking for a job!
  • Well, the main rule: for EVERY vacancy - your resume.

Imagine yourself as an employer

The employer is only interested in the information on your CV that fully meets the requirements of the job opening. It takes no more than 30 seconds for the recruiter to review each CV for the first time, which is just enough time for you to convince the employer that you are the person to meet.

If you need to find a new job and put together a resume, use resumegenius.com's resume builder.

A resumegenius.com that is great and technically correct will give you a big advantage over your competition. A well-drafted resume is like a good publicity agent. It presents your professional image in a clear and concise way, focusing on the strengths of your experience, skills and other attributes that are important to employers.

To create a resume online, follow these steps

  • Enter your name and contact information;
  • List of work experience, education, achievements and skills;
  • Choose a resume template;
  • Your resume is ready.

Design your resume online

With resumegenius.com, preparing a professional resume is easy. To do this, enter your details, select the appropriate template from the list and get the result that suits your needs.

You can download the finished document in PDF, Word formats. If necessary, you can modify the resulting resume in any of the common office editors.

But a resume made with an online template builder won't be as individual as you'd like, but don't despair! There is a wonderful service https://resumegets.com/, contacting which you will get a decent resume. The professional team at resumegets.com will "package" your knowledge and experience into a resume using employer terminology and important keywords, which will increase the number of invitations.