Eyecare Services

Eye Exams

The Austin Optics team take even routine eye exams very seriously. During a yearly or bi-yearly examination, our Forest Hills patients will receive a patient history review, a series of vision and eye tests, assessments of eye focusing and movement, and an eye health evaluation. Our optometrist will discuss any additional testing that may be required to diagnose an eye disease or condition. Call us a today at (718) 261-8655 to schedule an appointment.

Contact Lenses

Not sure that glasses are for you? Ask our Forest Hills Team about contact Lenses. Advances in the field of optometry have produced a variety of different types of contact lenses with a range of benefits. One day contact lenses, daily wear and extended wear contact lenses with 1 week and monthly replacement options, gas permeable lenses (RGPs) and Scleral Lenses are the various types of contact lens options available today. Our Forest Hills optometrist will discuss the various options with you to determine which type will best fit your needs and lifestyle. Schedule your examination today by calling (718) 261-8655.They are many advantages to consider when determining if contact lenses are right for you and our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions.



Contact Lens Exams

We strive to meet all of your eye and vision care needs. Corrective lens evaluations and prescription management are provided by our optometrist in Forest Hills.

Eye & Vision Exams

At Austin Optics, we strive to provide comprehensive, primary eye care for the whole family. Preventative and routine eye exams are important to maintaining good eye.

Hard to Fit Contacts

Contact lenses are not an easy solution for every person suffering with vision problems. Some eye conditions make wearing contacts a difficult proposition.


Many people are cheered by a bright, sunny day, but the effect of all that sunlight on the eyes is a less sunny proposition.

Computer Vision

Squinting at computer, tablet, or mobile screens for hours at a time is a normal part of our lives in the 21st century. Unfortunately, eye problems are associated with this activity.


We offer different materials to ensure you have the thinnest lenses with the best optics.

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