Hello world!

You’ve regarded us, and you’ve regarded the network. The .NET MicroFramework was a welcome invasion into empowering .NET advancement on inserted gadgets, and without its motivation there would be no Meadow.

Large ups to the first .NET MicroFramework group, Colin, Lorenzo, and each one else that constructed and dealt with it. Furthermore, heart to the whole .NET MicroFramework environment. You can check Netduino vs Arduino comparison here. GHI, Mountaineer, MikroBus, IngenuityMicro, José and the people at NanoFramework, and each one of those that played in the sandbox with us; Mark, Craig, Adrian, Frank, Jorge, Scott, others en route. Furthermore, obviously, the greatest embrace to Chris Walker, the first designer that made Netduino, any place you might be, amigo.

Wild Labs gained Netduino in 2017 and we utilized it to help model our cutting edge .NET endeavors on inserted just as help the network that worked around it. We fixed old bugs and made Netduino.Foundation (the forerunner to Meadow.Foundation) to make it fitting and play with sensors, and we had a fabulous time.

Be that as it may, the innovative advancement of mankind walks definitely forward, and from the very first moment, we had a dream of putting the full integrity of the .NET insight on inserted equipment. Glade understands that vision, as that is the place where our endeavors currently go.

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